When you think differently amazing things can happen.

6 June 2019

It all started with the idea that if all the taste comes from the flavour then you should use the best.

For years now, e-liquids have been made with artificial flavours,  preservatives, colours and sweeteners.

We wanted to put quality into our products in every way possible. Using only the purest ingredients and the finest naturally sourced flavours and extracts we could.

Then it was out into the unknown to track them down. Our journey has been a long one with some ups and downs along the way. We’ve met some wonderful people who have shared our passion and vision, and without them, all of this would not have been possible. Thank you all.

There’s no other company that’s gone to the lengths we have to source these incredible ingredients.

We now make amazing products. We use only the purest ingredients and 100% natural flavours and extracts, completely free from artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, sweeteners, animal products and non GMO. 

We love them, we hope you love them too.