V2 Platinum vs. Black Note: An In-Depth Look at Two Leading Brands

20 November 2020

Although originally meant to help tobacco smokers quit their habit, vape devices have become incredibly popular among various groups of people.

Because of the diversity among the users, there are countless brands with various ranges of devices and e-liquids. There are vapes and e-juices for everyone who wants to get into vaping out there.

Among the top e-liquid brands around these days are Black Note and V2 Platinum. Both of these companies have a massive consumer base that loves their products. Let’s get a look at why they are preferred more than other brands.


V2 Platinum E-Liquids

Living in a world where just about every consumer is looking for quality and needs to feel satisfied enough with a brand to purchase a product, V2 Platinum is doing really well. The company goes to great lengths to be transparent about their e-liquids.

All of the e-liquids they make are regularly tested to ensure quality. Not only that, but they also test every single bottle. You can even lookup the batch number of your V2 e-liquids online.

When you do, you will get access to a file that will contain all the details of your batch. It’s unlikely that any other company goes to such great lengths to satisfy its consumers.

Another great thing about V2 Platinum is its range of e-liquids. This US-based company has three menthol flavours and three tobacco-flavoured e-liquids. If you are looking for more interesting e-juice flavours, you can try their Grape, Vanilla, Cherry, or others.

If you are going for a tobacco flavour, start with their Red e-juice.


Black Note E-Liquids

Black Note is gaining popularity among vape users who want to enjoy a natural tobacco flavour every time they take a hit.

When you look at Black Note, it seems like they are among the best vintage miniature wine or whiskey brands because of their unique packaging. The brand is not just loved for the packaging because they really earn their name of being among the top tobacco flavour e-juice brands.

Black Note uses naturally extracted tobacco in their e-liquids through a 6 to 8-week cold-steeping process from the finest tobacco leaves around. Since they don’t use any artificial tobacco flavours, the taste and aroma develop naturally to give the best tobacco flavoured e-liquids.

Since they are using natural tobacco, you might be wondering whether or not their range of products contains harmful compounds. After taking an in-depth look, you can see that Black Note is the first and might be the only naturally extracted tobacco flavoured e-liquid brand that is also lab certified. Meaning, you won’t be vaping harmful compounds such as Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Ethylene Glycol, Acetoin, or Acrolein. You can even go through the lab reports online for your peace of mind.

Currently, Black Note has a range of eight tobacco flavours, each being different from the other. To start, you can look into Prelude. They also have a 50PG to 50VG ratio, making them marvellous for many vape enthusiasts.


Is Black Note Better or V2 Platinum?

V2 Platinum has a lovely range of flavours that you can try without worrying about the quality or the ingredients of the e-juices. They have many flavours, including some that resemble the taste of tobacco.

With Black Note, you know that you will be getting a true tobacco flavour and experience when you use it because of the natural extracts.

To summarize, it eventually comes down to your personal preference. If you want to try an authentic tobacco flavour, go for Black Note. Otherwise, you can try the V2 Platinum’s range of e-juices.