Does It Make a Difference Whether You Vape in the Morning or the Evening?

15 October 2020

Some avid vapers like to break out their vape pens or mods periodically throughout the day, while others consider it more of a ritual and stick to particular times of the day or even particular circumstances. Both of these solutions are just fine, but there are some differences between vaping as the sun rises versus partaking after dinner or before bed. Read on to find out what true vape enthusiasts have to say about it.

Flavor Preferences

The most commonly cited difference between vaping in the morning versus the evening doesn’t pertain to what effect it has or how it feels. It relates to flavor. Most consumers prefer lighter, less potent flavors in the morning and stronger ones at night. Those looking for e-liquids can buy an array of different flavors to ensure that they can hit that sweet spot every time.

Best Flavors for Morning Vaping

A lot of vape enthusiasts claim that their first session in the morning is the one that tastes the best. After a night of sleep and abstinence from vaping, the flavor tends to seem more robust, though, so it’s usually best to stick with lighter-tasting e-liquids. Food, fruit, or drink-flavored e-liquids will almost always provide a deeply satisfying morning vape.

Love fruit-flavored cereals, yogurts, or breakfast pastries? Try:

Passionfruit Guava

Fruit Salad

Blue Raspberry


Strawberry & Kiwi

Breakfast lovers may prefer heartier flavors reminiscent of their favorite foods or sweet treats. These include:

Cinnamon Apple Donut

Banana Caramel Waffle

Lucky Cereal

Lemon Crumble

Biscuit Eater

Coffee drinkers often find that there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying that first vape session of the day with a cup of java. Some flavors are better than others. The best of them include:

Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar

Caramel Coffee

Caramel Cookie

Hazelnut Latte


Choosing the right flavor for morning vaping requires some consideration of consumers’ normal routines. Those who like to vape as soon as they wake up tend to prefer refreshing flavors, while consumers who wait until they are drinking their first cups of coffee often like the taste of baked goods in their e-liquids. Breakfast aficionados can go either way, with some preferring fruity flavors and others enjoying cereal or dessert-based taste profiles.

Best Flavors for Nighttime Vaping

Most avid vapers find that they prefer stronger flavors at night. They may also prefer the larger clouds of vapor provided by mods and certain powerful vape pens. As with morning vaping, choosing the right flavors requires some consideration of context.

Some flavors lend themselves more to relaxing nights alone or with loved ones. Sophisticated consumers may want to try:

Vintage Reserve

Vanilla Tobacco

Bourbon Cream

White Chocolate

RY4 Boss

These flavors are perfect for relaxing by a fireplace or wood stove on a cool winter night or curling up with a good book. They also pair well with after-dinner drinks and can add a sophisticated vibe to any evening spent at home or with equally discerning friends.

Looking for a pick-me-up before heading out for a night with friends or the perfect way to end a special dinner? Minty or citrus flavors may be a better fit. Try:

Lemon Cheesecake


Pineapple Fizz

Iced Apple Bomb

Peppermint Breeze

Just remember that these invigorating flavors are better to start off a good night than to end it. Most vapers like to keep things a little more mellow toward the end of the night.

Strength of the Vapor

Mornings are supposed to be a relaxing time that gives consumers the chance to prepare for the day ahead. Most vape enthusiasts prefer to use not just different flavors, but also different vape devices. Try using a vape pen, rather than a mod, to keep the morning vape session relaxed and quiet and provide a perfect transition into the day.

At night, most serious vape enthusiasts prefer to use mods over regular vape pens. These devices create much larger vapor clouds, which can make for a more satisfying experience. Of course, this also depends on the context. Those who plan to vape while they’re out socializing at night might not want to be creating giant clouds of vapor, especially if they’ll be doing it inside.

Nicotine Concentrations

Given how many consumers have switched to vaping as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, it should come as no surprise that nicotine salt concentrations are often a deciding factor driving the choice of e-liquids. Thankfully, most popular flavors come in a variety of nicotine strengths.

When it comes to choosing the right nicotine concentration for morning versus evening vaping, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Those who are switching over from cigarettes often start out with high concentrations of up to 20mg throughout the day. One thing that’s great about vaping is that consumers can start at whatever concentration they want then slowly decrease nicotine strength until they switch to a nicotine-free e-liquid if that’s what they want to do.

For those who have no desire to quit nicotine, it’s still wise to stick with the lowest effective strength, especially in the morning. After a night of abstinence while asleep, high concentrations of nicotine can be overwhelming. Lower concentrations of up to 10mg can provide a more relaxing experience that still helps frequent nicotine users get their fill so they can start the day with clear heads.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to morning versus evening vaping, the differences are relatively minor. Some vapers prefer lower nicotine concentrations in the morning, and even those who don’t use nicotine salts often feel more comfortable starting the day with less intense vapor clouds. However, the primary thing that most people worry about is choosing the right flavor.

Finding the right flavors for morning versus nighttime use requires attention to both context and personal taste. The best way to find the perfect ones is to experiment by purchasing several e-liquids. Just make sure to buy from reputable vendors that sell a wide variety of verified products to ensure quality and avoid the problems associated with illegal vape cartridges.