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Made with 100% natural flavours and extracts.

We use the most advanced technologies and natural extraction to gently capture the pure taste of nature in our natural flavours and extracts for your complete enjoyment and satisfaction.

100% Natural Flavours

Our 100% natural flavours capture the natural taste of fresh sun-ripened fruits and herbs. In every flavour.

100% Naturally Extracted Tobacco

Our 100% natural tobacco extracts are naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves. And then filtered to remove any impurities. Providing you with the real and natural taste of tobacco.

100% Natural Mint & Menthol

We extract natural peppermint oil and menthol from real peppermint plants for our 100% natural mint and menthol flavours.

100% Natural Vanilla

We use natural vanilla extract from real vanilla pods for our 100% natural vanilla flavour.

Just 100% natural taste with absolutely no synthetic chemical taste. Your perfect alternative to smoking. The most incredible taste you’ll ever vape.

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