7 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Vaporizer Battery

24 November 2020

One of your vaporizer’s essential parts is the battery, as it affects your overall vaping experience. This is because a battery that runs out while enjoying your puff can leave you extremely frustrated. Yet, the idea behind the rechargeable battery is to provide convenience and reduce cost. However, this might not be the case if your battery is not healthy. Poor management shortens battery life, which affects your vaping experience. Provided you can learn the tricks involved in taking care of the battery, and it will last.

Also, it will save you from incurring additional costs you might need to replace the battery.

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While batteries are not meant to last forever, you can use them effectively. As a result, here are recommended tips to prolong your vaporizer battery.


1.  Keep Your Vape Battery Clean.


The possibility of having a dirty vaporizer battery is pretty high. Every form of handling, going in and out of pockets, etc., makes it easy for the battery to get dirty. Vape juice that spills on it can also compromise it. All this makes it essential to clean your battery regularly.

A dirty e-cig battery will compromise the connection between the terminals and the device. This affects the transmission of power from the battery to the device. As a result, your battery will work harder to provide the necessary power needed to give you a good hit. This will eventually ruin the battery. With this, make it a habit of performing a routine cleaning section on your device and the battery.


2.  Use the Right Chargers.


Some vaporizers need specific current and voltage values. As a result, they need particular chargers. Even the manufacturers insist that you should use only the provided chargers. Using such a vaporizer with another charger brings the issue of compatibility.

If you lose or damage your original charger, try and ship a replacement from the manufacturer. In the absence of a charger from the manufacturer, make sure to stick to high-quality chargers with similar specs. Also, the charger and the device should be compatible to prevent damage.


3.  Avoid Overcharging the Device.


Do you have the habit of charging your device over the night? You are sending your battery to an early grave. Excessive charging could trigger overheating, which shortens the lifespan of the battery. Even if you want to charge into the night, have an alarm to wake you so you can unplug it.

Besides, do not make it a habit to charge your device to 100% every time. A battery level of around 90 to 95% is highly recommended. The idea is to avoid overcharging, which could weaken the battery. However, you can have a full charge once a while to help maintain stability.

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4.  Do Not Drain the Battery Completely.


It is not a good idea to empty the battery before the charge. This does not help the battery’s health as you will need more power to revive the battery. It also causes unnecessary stress for the battery.

As soon as your battery gets to 25%, try and charge it. This habit keeps the battery healthy without requiring excessive energy to get the battery back up. The more drained the battery is, the more power it will need for a full charge.


5.  Use Your Vape Device Regularly.


The battery in your vaporizer is the rechargeable type. This means the manufacturer designed it for continuous draining and recharging. Your vaporizer battery needs to keep up with the cycle of charging and discharging for them to be in order.

Not using your vaporizer often is not a good idea as it could degrade the battery over time. If you cannot keep up with daily use, make it three times a week. This habit can extend its life.


6.  Turn the Device off When Not in Use.


A mobile phone or TV left in standby mode drains power gradually. The same applies to a vaping device.

Make it a habit of keeping your device off after use. Keeping it in standby mode drains the battery, which affects the battery’s health. Keeping it off helps reserve the battery and will make it serve you when you want to vape.


7.   Store Your Device Properly.


The mode of storing the battery has a significant effect on battery health. Many batteries are made of chemicals that exhibit various reactions at different temperatures. As a result, storing the battery at a very hot or cold temperature is not a good idea.

Storing your vape battery at a high temperature could cause leakage. Keeping at a low temperature, on the other hand, could trigger internal resistance. It could affect the efficiency of the battery, which ultimately reduces power. Make sure you store your battery at the recommended temperature as advised by the factory.

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A simple maintenance routine on your vaporizer battery can positively affect the durability. It also influences the overall vaping experience. As long as you observe a simple care routine, you can prolong the lifespan of your battery. A poor battery does not only reduce your vaping experience but could burden you with the extra cost of buying a fresh battery. Developing a good habit of taking care of your battery will pay off.